Accommodation Terms

1.    If you want to stay in accommodation organised by the school, we will do everything possible to meet your requirements.  However, where this is not possible, we will give priority to student with medical conditions such as allergies.

2.    Accommodation is only arranged for SG students.  If you leave the school, you will be asked to leave your accommodation.

3.    All accommodation is subject to availability.  Please book early and give a second choice.

4.    Homestay accommodation is only suitable for students who are prepared to adapt to living with Spanish hosts.

5.    All accommodation fees should be paid to the school. 

6.    You must send your all your arrival details as soon as you have made your travel arrangements. If we do not receive your arrival details, your accommodation provider may not be at home when you arrive.

7.    If you are unhappy with your accommodation, you should talk to the Accommodation Manager as soon as possible. If necessary, we will find you new accommodation.  

8.    After 3 requests to change accommodation, SG reserves the right to refuse to provide further accommodation.

9.    Students who do not behave reasonably in their accommodation will be asked to leave and find their own accommodation.

10. While every effort will be made to ensure you are happy with your accommodation, SG cannot guarantee you can stay with one accommodation provider throughout your stay. Changes may occur because of emergencies or upon rebooking or extending your course.

11. If you go on holiday during your course, you will have to pay for your accommodation while you are away, unless you cancel your accommodation completely. 

12.  If you decide to leave your accommodation early, you must give two weeks’ notice in writing.  Accommodation refunds will only be made for full calendar weeks.

13. You are responsible for any damage you cause in your accommodation and must pay the accommodation provider for any repairs / replacement of broken articles.

14. If you book your own accommodation, instead of SG school accommodation, you must give your address and contact phone number to the Administration team.  Please advise the Administration team of any further changes in your contact details. 


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