Our history


Saint Gabriel International Education is located in the city of Seville.


The international school of Saint Gabriel is one of three centres in Seville and its province. The school was founded in January of 1990.  Saint Gabriel is, without a doubt, the result of years of dedication and hard work from a young entrepreneur, who has realized her dreams and those of her colleagues through the creation of a language-learning academy with both an international an local mind-set. 


As shown on the shield of Saint Gabriel, the broad wings are emblematic of the academy’s expansion and its principal objective of language education.  Currently, our school is comprised of two large departments: Spanish and English.


Saint Gabriel’s was originally founded as an English academy, and thus the English language and culture have shaped our experience and identity.  In 2008, through the Erasmus student exchange program and the Leonardo Da Vinci pilot project, we took our first but momentous step into the world of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  Since that time, the school has participated in various projects as a host company and also as one who organizes student exchanges with other host companies. At present we are participating in European projects along with educational institutions in the UK, Finland, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. We organize programmes for Young Learners in Spain and in the UK, and we also have a student exchange programme and partnership with Italy.  It is to no surprise that the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Saint Gabriel International is of great benefit to the student body, which is—at the same time—a rich source of cultural and linguistic knowledge drawn from many distinct nationalities.      

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