Intensive Spanish courses in Seville

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    Study, learn and live Spanish in Seville!

    What happens when you fall in love with Seville?

    That we walk through its streets appreciating the details, that we let ourselves be filled by its beauty, that we need to touch the stones of its most emblematic buildings to feel that it is true, that we are here; its orange blossom smell intoxicates us. We love to sit in the sun, in the terraces, and enjoy the tapas that its gastronomy offers us. Sound allows us to listen to people speaking in Spanish, a language that more than half of the people who live on Earth speak.

    The intensive course is undoubtedly the most demanded of all our courses. Intended for those students who want to learn a lot in a short time and enjoy their stay in Seville.

    This course can be developed in the morning or afternoon shift. 20 classes per week from Monday to Friday. This course is contracted for weeks from 1 to 52. The first two hours consist of grammar and reading. The next two focus on communication skills such as listening, speaking, and writing. We use Spanish culture as a basis for learning. Our teachers often include discussions, projects, and presentations as part of their lessons.

    Officially accredited program

    What can you do in Seville?

    The current Seville is the result of the passage of different cultures through this land. Civilizations have left their legacy and wisdom engraved in our hands. Tartessians, Phoenicians, Muladids, Mozarabs, Sephardim, Muslims, Jews, Christians… I feel chills when I think about the magnitude of our history. Visit the Reales Alcázares, the Cathedral of Seville, the Giralda, stroll through the Jewish Quarter and the Barrio Santa Cruz and enjoy each of those moments. They say that the heart has no name, but this is not true: Seville’s heart is called Triana. Cross the Guadalquivir, you will find the cradle of Flamenco and the art of our land. Seville is a city to be experienced intensely and fully by day and by night.

    General information




    A2, B1, B2
    and C1.


    Mornings from 9h to 13h
    Afternoons from 15h to 19h


    From one week to five or more


    From September 1 to July 27.


    20 classes per week.


    1 to 4 WEEKS

    / WEEK
    • Registration Fee 44 €
    • 20 hours/week
    • Officialy accredited

    5 TO 11 WEEKS

    7 WEEK
    • Registration Fee 44 €
    • 20 hours/week
    • Officialy accredited

    12 TO 31 WEEKS

    / WEEK
    • Registration Fee 44 €
    • 20 hours/week
    • Officialy accredited

    +32 WEEKS

    / WEEK
    • Registration Fee 44 €
    • 20 hour/week
    • Officialy accredited



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    Advantages of Saint Gabriel

    Saint Gabriel International is located in the modern centre of Sevilla. Next to El Corte Inglés and Nervión Plaza, the most popular Department Stores in Sevilla. Our venue is in a modern building which has all of the latest technology as well as wireless Internet connection throughout the school. Our school is best characterized by its authentic international atmosphere where local students learn English and foreign ones, Spanish. Saint Gabriel is an excellent place to make new friends. We offer a wide range of courses for all type of students in the world: 2, 3, 4 or 6-hour-per-day courses which are focused on the students’ interest.

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