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    Estudia, aprende y vive el Español en Sevilla

    Seville is a welcoming and beautiful city always generous with its visitors. Anyone who comes to Seville intending to discover and enjoy it is well received.

    Teacher apprenticeship programs are of great importance in the training of young people. These are organized by teachers of different grades who plan to come to Seville with their students.

    Teachers teach at our school although 40% of class time is taught by St. Gabriel International faculty.

    This class time can have different themes: Spanish as a language, Hispanic American literature, History, Spanish culture, architecture, international relations, chemistry, physics, biology… all of them belong to the Teachings in Spanish program of our school.

    At the end of classes, teachers and students have time to live an enormous linguistic and cultural immersion experience.

    The school organizes activities inside and outside the city to complete the training.

    If you are a teacher who is looking to travel with your students between 1 and 4 weeks, this option may be the option that best suits your needs.

    As a teacher, you will also be able to enjoy your free time, to fill yourself with the city, to meet other people and make observations of colleagues like you who carry out their work every day in the classrooms of our city.


    faculty led program

    • Matrícula 44€
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