Internship program in Seville

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    Study, learn and live Spanish in Seville!

    Study Spanish abroad and participate in an internship program in Seville, Spain that is customized to match your career goals. Saint Gabriel provides work experience and placement relevant to your academic background and personal interests. This is combined with Spanish language classes and professional development training to help you become a more effective leader.
    Through our academic partners, it is possible to obtain 3 or 6 transferrable credits for this program (3 credits for Spanish and 3 credits for the internship).

    Our partners include Loyola University Sevilla and Cordoba and The Escuela Superior de Andalucía EUSA which is a branch of the University of Seville, US. Saint Gabriel collaborates with these institutions to recognize the academic component of the internship during our programs which can be awarded the equivalent of 6 credits on a graded transcript.

    Career preparation

    Learning how to clearly communicate your experience and skills to future employers can enhance the exceptional benefits of completing an internship abroad. Upon arrival, you will receive a cultural orientation that will provide y o u with a framework for understanding your own values and
    those of the local Spanish culture.

    Our Myers-Briggs training sessions will empower you to utilize your knowledge of personality to facilitate interaction in the workplace and ultimately obtain the results you’re looking for. Our program objective is for you to develop the communication skills necessary to effectively articulate your skills and experience on a resume.

    General information




    A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.


    All material included.


    2 months


    Autumn, winter or spring.


    Family home


    • Superintensive – 28H/Week for 2 weeks
    • 6 Weeoks of Internship: 20H/Week+ 3H/Week of Spanish classes.
    • 1 Monitoring session per week
    • 2 Entrepreneurial Workshops using “Creativity as a career” as material. (Erasmus+ material)

    Important: Students should achieve at least a B1 level of Spanish before the internship begins.

    The Extended course is offered during the Internship in order to support students based on w their individual needs.


    Internships for the following degreess
    • Business Consultant
    • Marketing, Social Media & Public Relations Intern
    • Event Coordinator
    • Human Resource Assistant
    • Assistant Journalist
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Sales and Business Development Intern
    • Marketing Intern
    • Legal Trainee
    • Management Trainee
    • Real State Developer
    • Social Awareness Intern
    • Team-based internship in Heatlh Tourism
    • Engineering Consultant Trainee
    • Marketer/Business Developer
    • Travel and Promotional guide


    4043 € + Credit Validation (+500€)

    Registration fees

    44 €

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