Volunteering in Seville

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    Study, learn and live Spanish in Seville!

    Your supportive and caring side

    Our volunteer program allows our students to five back to the community and compare their Spanish through a meaningful and unique outlet.


    This program is directed towards teenager aged
    16 and 17 years old. Students will have the opportunity to volunteer while their Spanish trough our intensive workshops at Saint Gabriel.
    They will have a chance to combine Spanish day a day experiences and language in a productive and rewarding way.

    General information


    From 16 to 17 years old.


    15h. spanish course + 15h. volunteering.


    All material included.


    1 or 2 weeks


    From October 1 to February 27.



    Volunteer programs

    • Draw a Smile for them: Creating cards with encouraging messages for sick children in the children’s hospital here in Sevilla.
    • We love Sports: Workshops for teenagers on Elementary and Secondary school. Volunteers will help to promote the use of sports and physical activity to have a healthy lifestyle and the importance of healthy habits.
    • Painting the world: Leave colorful hand and foot prints on the walls of elementary schools leaving messages about tolerance, support and ecology. All of us a responsible of caring our planet.
    • Homework, together we can!: Tutor children who have difficulties with their homework.
    • Toddles and tales: Volunteers will help day care in a nursery school. They will be responsible for reading stories, using gestures, dolls and puppets with a combination of music, poems and games. They will provide with a fun learning environment for Spain’s youngest students.
    • Creativity as a cereer: Volunteers interested in arts will facilitate and contribute to entrepreneur a career workshops aimed towards young artists. This program follows the guidelines and material based on the European material created by El Art 2.0 co-financed by Erasmus+


    1 week: 490 €
    2 weeks: 980 €

    Registration fees

    44 €

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